Aug 12

I have an old Tabled PC Acer TMC302Xmi, and playing with the bios update I tried to downgrade the BIOS to version 1.08 (Just to see if that would fix a problem when trying to boot from a usb memory), but that converted my laptop in a very nice brick. It was not possible to update the BIOS in the ways suggested by the official Acer support, because the laptop was unable to boot.
To solve this problem you must have to perform a BIOS flash update via the Boot Block function, which is documented in, but to create the installation floppy disk you have to use the files and instructions available at

This information was found in one entry of this blog:

Aug 11

For a long time, the categories and tags in my blog were not working well, so when you clicked on the links, you got the 404 error (page not found). Searching in a lot of blogs I figured out that the problem was related with permalinks, I tried to changing the configuration and doing what such blogs suggested without success, even more, drain hole required that the “mod_rewrite” permalinks be activated, that is why I was forced to change the default configuration of permalinks.
Anyway, to fix this problem I went to Settings -> Permalinks and wrote something in the category base and tags base (such fields must not be empty). After that change the blog is working well.